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polystyrene window envelope film
Product name : polystyrene window envelope film
Item : 3919109900
Details :
 BOPS window envelope film (Biaxially oriented polystyrene film)

1. BOPS window envelope film (environmental protection type) 
BOPS film including BOPS window envelope film,BOPS film, BOPS shrink film
2. Feature of BOPS film:
- Has a very good anti-static ability. 
- The smoothness of a good film, the production process in an envelope will rarely produce 
a result of thin film and mechanical standstill. 
- Film slitting good, with high-intensity endurance, meanwhile horizontally easily torn, 
very suitable for the production of high-speed operation of the envelope. 
- Low-cost, in China and Japan are using the standard 25um thickness, and other companies 
produced BOPS Materials 27um, 29um, compared the cost of a cheap film envelopes 8% ~ 16%.
3. Spec. sizes of BOPS film :
BOPS film (Biaxially oriented polystyrene film),
Normal Roll sizes for BOPS film:25UM*105,110,120,125,130,135MM*4000M
Density :1.04(g/CM3) Color: Clear/ transparent or printed color logos
Thickness of BOPS film: 27 g/m2 ( 30 Microns ),29 g/m2 ( 32 Microns),35 g/m2 ( 39 Microns),
Width of BOPS film rolls:100,105,115,120,125,130,135,150 MM. Length of BOPS film rolls:3000-4000M .
BOPS were most suitable use for the envelope window film thin, a very perfect read rates, can improve efficiency, thereby creating economic benefits. Whether it 
is an envelope manufacturer, bulk mail, the mail sorting business, postal operators, OPS 
film can bring you better work efficiency and economic benefits.





2. Usage


It is widely used in packaging industry such as printing, lamination and Aluminium metallization. 


And packing: bread,
3. Featuring :


Super high transparency and glossy,Super high tensile strength
Super high grease barrier, Excellent ink and coating adhesion
Low static electricity,Superior thickness uniformity
Smoothness of the vertical section and much compact of film rolls winding


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