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BOPS Shrinkage Film
Product name : BOPS Shrinkage Film
Item : AEC_ Flex Banner
Details :

BOPS biaxially oriented polystyrene shrink film
Is a rapid development in recent years, in line with the environmental requirements of the new body-fitted trademark materials, made ​​label, is widely regarded as a good eco-friendly label.

OPS heat-shrinkable film as a novel skin packaging material, having a high strength, rigidity, shape stability, and has a good gloss and transparency, processing convenience, easy coloring.
Printing performance, very low attrition rate, high printing resolution. For constant pursuit beautifully printed trademarks, is of a material progress.
Due to such a high shrinkage ratio and strength of the OPS film can be tightly bonded with a variety of different shapes of the container, so it can not only print out a fine pattern, but also to meet the use of the novel packaging container of a variety of shape different.
Film to make this non-toxic, tasteless, resistant to grease, in line with food hygiene standards drinks and other commodities more vivid in the pattern used on the label, highlight the image on the supermarket shelves, prominent shelf effect.

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