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Air Bubble Film
Product name : Air Bubble Film
Item : AEC_PE ---008
Details :
Air Bubble Film

also known as air-cushion film, gas bead film, bubble fabric, bubble paper, bubble film, bubble film, air-cushion film. 
Has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat together nature, non-toxic, odorless, moisture, corrosion resistance, transparency, good
As the middle layer of air-cushion film is full of air, body light, transparent, flexible, with sound insulation, anti-vibration anti-wear performance, widely used in electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, from car dealers, kitchen, furniture and paint products products, glass products and precision instruments, such as earthquake-resistant nature of cushioning packaging.
Can be made into bubble bag, bubble bag kraft envelopes, car sun shade, heat insulation cushion, heat insulation materials.
Plastic raw materials by adding different additives can also create a variety of special anti-static air cushion film.
Anti-static air cushion film for packaging electronic components, components, such as board, card and so on, to prevent static electricity can play a role in anti-vibration buffer.
Ordinary polyethylene air-cushion film, anti-static air cushion film, fire-retardant air cushion film, aluminum air-cushion film, color printing air-cushion film, three air-cushion film (single bulb), five-story air-cushion film (double bubble), polypropylene thick air-cushion
membrane, composite air-cushion film EPE.
The main indicators are:
Maximum Width: 1280mm (according to user requirements cut or bag)
Bubble diameter: Φ6mm (vesicles), Φ10mm (the foam), Φ28mm (large foam, heavy-duty foam)
Bubble Height: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm
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