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BOPET Polyester Film for TTR Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Author : Date : 2018/4/11 0:43:45
 4.5mic BOPET Polyester Film for TTR Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Thermal Transfer BOPET Film  For Printer Ribbons WAX type TTR
Thickness 4.5 microns
Film roll width
620mm, 650mm,1095mm, 1140mm
Width can be customized
Standard length
special specification can be customized
Packaging & Shipping
Suspension Wooden Pallet Packing
BOPET Film for Thermal Transfer Ribbons type TTR

1、 Characteristics
It is stretched in biaxial orientation by mean of flat film method by using
imported polyethylene terephthalate in electrical grade. With good mechanical
properties, and thermal characteristics, it has excellent engineering properties
in coating process.
2、 Applications
As a kind of substrate, it is widely applied to a variety of bar code printing,
advertising banner printing, label printing, photo printing and other industries.
3、 Specifications
Size(μm) WMV(μm) MMV(μm) Test method
4.0 4.0±0.1 4.2±4%
4.3 4.3±0.1 4.5±4%
4.5 4.5±0.1 47±4%
Width of the finished film
700±2, 910±2,1010±2 oras customer’s requirement
Inner diameter (D0) mm Φ152.4
picture Outer diameter (D) mm 350-550
Note:For special specifications, please discuss with us separately.
4、Thickness Representation
The nominal value of the film thickness is indicated by the central value
(integer value, such as 3,5,7,10,15) of film thickness plus mantissa (one point after
decimal point) or its code. Our nominal value for BOPET film thickness is represented
in WMV.
Technical features(typical value)
Item Unit Typical Values Testing Standard
Density g/㎝ 1.400±0.005 3
GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
Melting Point ℃ 256 GB/T 13542.2-2009/23
Tensile Strength
MD MPa 240 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
TD MPa 280 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
Elongation at
TM % 100 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
TD % 90 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
Elastic Modulus MD MPa 3500 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11

The above parameters are non-technical agreement, for reference only.
5、 Curve of tensile strength

Two bags of desiccant and a label are put in eachfilm roll. For preventing from any
pollutant, each film roll shall be put into a plastic bag. And, foam gasket(about 4mm in
thickness)shall be put to separate the wooden plate for protectingthe end face of film roll.
And then, the film roll is put into the cartonwith adhesive tape to seal. Each tray of
products shall be wrapped with stretch film.(see below picture)
Elastic Modulus TD MPa 3500 GB/T 13542.2-2009/11
MD % 2.0 GB/T 13542.2-2009/23
TD % 0.5 (150℃/30min)
Coefficient of Friction
(Static/Sliding) 0.3-0.5 GB/T 10006-1988
Surface Roughness μm 0.095±0.020 GB/T 13542.2-2009/8

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